Our New Machines

In a market full of large production plants, we decided to create a small spinning machine within everyone’s reach. In fact, our so-called Mini Spinning Machine is ideal for producing the right amount of yarn for your internal needs, at the level of weaving, twisting or any textile sector. So, our customers can produce enough and perhaps customize their own colors.

Mini Spinning Machine for the production of High Tenacity in PP, PA & PET


Mini Spinning Machine, for the production of Polypropylene CF FDY, 5 Gr/DpF


Mini Spinning Machine, for the production of PP/PA/PET – CF FDY – HT



Usually, spinning machines need at least 7-13 meters high sheds. However, our Mini Machine can fit in lower and smaller sheds.

Mini Spinning

 2x Mini Spinning Machine could produce the same quantity as conventional spinning machine.


2x Mini Spinning Machine have same price of a single conventional spinning machine.


The power consumption is much lower than a conventional machines (20kW when installed and 13 kW during operation).

We use the best components in the market

We are very excited to work with the best parts manufacturing companies like RETECH & STC.





The smallets production spinning machine in the world

The characteristics of the new generation machines

Dimensions: Width 3400mm; Height 3100mm; Depth 1200mm. (Subject to small modifications as per personalizing due to the customer inquiry).
• This machine could be installed anywhere, doesn’t need special constructions.
• Can produce the same yarn produced by traditional big plants.
• Medium production is 500/750 kg/ day about.
• It could be useful to small weaving factories or to big spinning factories to satisfy the small customer orders.
• Very small waste quantity (however 300 gr. changing color).
• It could be in the meantime a lab machine.
• The price of this machine is affordable.